294 girl keystone terracotta “conversion”

I decided this stunning keystone- a cast I made of the original 1895 one I had years ago, is small enough it can be done in pressed terracotta too, but I have to make a new mold of her first, as the old rubber mold I have which was made with a brand of silicone rubber I stopped buying a decade ago when it started tearing real easily is pretty well on it’s last leg, one more cast out of that and I’m sure by now just removing the rubber from the cast will just tear into pieces.
So I need a new mold, and then I’ll need to make a soft rubber cast and a plaster backer section. So it will take a a few steps to do it, but it’s such a well done face it really needs to be put out there again.

She came from over the window by the blue arrow in the 2nd photo, there were only 2 of them, the other one had been cracked and the face was gone.


July 9

Well shoot, no point thinking about it, I went ahead and just ordered the $205 worth of mold rubber I need to make the new mold so I can do it next weekend, I have the molding plaster on hand too.
I’ll still need to get the cheaper rubber to cast one positive with in the new mold so I can make the plaster mold off that, at least that cheaper rubber is about $80 less.

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