Westside Highway Art Deco model continued

It took some doing but I managed to print a full sized image of the model to be done, I had scaled the design out a couple of years ago in CAD software but now that software version I used will not run on my newer machine and I could not longer read the existing files. SO I wound going back to an older machine that was archived, that has the software on it AND works with my printer. SO I was able to scale the image 1:1 with the page layout and print it in multiple 8-1/2 x 11 sheets.

I thought about this design and how I was going to get the different levels easiest, so I came up with two running templates to use to set the depth of the “background” which is the riveted plate steel, and the 3 horizontal structural beams top,bottom and near the top, and then the raised portion with the street name which uses the 2nd running template to form it’s parameters nice and neatly too.
The rest of the elements will need to be built up and shaped.

July 7th

Stopped for today on the model now that it is set up and rough laid out.
As planned, I gave the sides a ragged torn look which will be worked on more when the clay is firmer.

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