R.D. Wolff

Mission Statement

The Wolff Gallery is for the public display of architectural artifacts and related objects pertaining to 19th and early 20th century buildings which have been demolished or altered enough their original facade artwork, or elements have been removed.

Mission Statement

To display various contemporary and salvaged antique and related 19th and early 20th century architectural artifacts and elements, most removed from historic, and non historic demolished buildings. To offer educational displays, and signage describing each artifact's origins and history. To promote the value of preserving old buildings and the artwork incorporated on, and within them, rather than seeing destruction and replacement with modern structures and materials go unchallenged. To offer basic art sculpture classes to the public to further encourage and promote the sentiment and value of architectural elements as a unique art form. Further architecture preservation promoting work will be done out of area using the official web site in conjunction with the physical displays.

The gallery will additionally include the unrelated advocation of education about preserving wolves in the wild, using a small amount of educational materials, objects, and links to renowned and respected non-profit groups such as the Wolf Park Sanctuary, and the late Marlin Perkins' Endangered Wolf Center in St Louis, MO.


The gallery is a privately owned and operated not-for-profit, free admission endeavor, funded and operated by R.D. Wolff, with no commercial or for-profit sales. Donations ( if any ) and nominal art class fees will be used to help defray some of the approximate $300 per month operating costs for building maintenance, utilities, insurance, loan and interest payments.

Activities at the gallery

The gallery will offer novice, beginner hands-on sculpture classes for adults, slide shows, tours.

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