Flooring (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

One more row of flooring to lay in, and then the spots along the two walls to fill in. One long and one short section of wainscotting are painted but they won’t be permanently installed until the floor is completely finished.
The flooring is a bit of a challenge, as my little mitre box is not as accurate in it’s cuts as I anticipated it would be, the aluminum channels’ 45 degree slots wear open wider with use creating a little sloppyness in cuts, and that small amount is enough to throw accuracy off, so I’ve had to compensate a little to get the leading edges of each section straight across with a sanding block, but doing that slightly changes angles and the next row winds up with slight fitment variations that need further compensation to fix.

I also should have done the floor by itself first and then cut the finished square to a size that evens up everything left to right so there would be no need for half width pieces etc to fill in. So far though it’s pretty accurate and no big issues, but it would have been easier doing the floor alone first, as well as have more open room to work on it free of confines of the walls.
I also would have had an easier time with the wainscotting had I routed the walls where it goes just 1/16″ to inset it slightly below the door frames.