Ceiling cornce (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Now that some of the parts I ordered from the UK arrived, I have the ceiling cornice all installed. The fireplace overmantle is one of two I ordered from two different people in the UK to see which I like better and which works better with the elaborate fireplace I’m waiting on, for now I just have this overmantle resting on top of the to-be-replaced fireplace which is too small.
The “marble” hearth floor fits perfectly over where I had the brick one- the new fireplace is wider than this old one so the hearth floor had to be replaced and I got one sized for the new fireplace.

The new fireplace is about an inch or so wider and that much taller.

The overmantle is only primed, I haven’t decided yet on the paint for it and the fireplace, both are white plaster and the fireplace will need to be primed first. I also am waiting for the fireplace to get here before I can finish the wainscotting.