Fireplace and overmantle (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Pretty much done painting the fireplace, and overmantle, (not shown) with that done they are almost ready to install in my room.
I decided to paint the fireplace gloss white to match the doors and trim, and gave it some touches of gold highlights. Waiting for the flat black paint to come to finish the inner part that just has grey primer.

The fireplace took forever to get it- over SIX weeks, unbelievable how they don’t just cast a few to have on hand to ship out, I mean they are plaster, probably 50 cents worth so it’s not going to break the bank having¬† a dozen on hand. If they took $200 worth¬† of sterling silver to make, yeah, I can see it getting pricy to have any on hand, but these are all of 50 cents worth of material.