More progress (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

I did some more work on my roombox, the fireplace and overmantle are now installed, the bricks mortared, and the wainscot and filling- on the left side of the fireplace are installed but not visible behind the desk, a similar fill piece is dry fitted on the right side of the fireplace and the wainscot on that side of the room needs to be painted and glued in yet.
I drilled 2 tiny holes into the wall behind the overmantle so I could push a couple of 1/2″ long brass escutcheon pins thru the frame to mechanically hold it to the wall at the top, a dab of PVC-E glue on it’s “feet” secure it to the top of the mantle.
I will be looking for more pieces of furniture and chairs, and a small rug. The ceiling has not yet been decided on.
The pictures were just taped up for the photo and are not permanent just yet.