Furniture arrival

The bookcase and desk chair came to-day, so testing placement… unless I put the bookcase where the 2 green chairs are instead, it looks a bit “crowded” because the fireplace is wider and deeper than the one I originally had. I did order one of those a few days ago from the UK, it may be a few weeks, but I think I will use that fireplace instead and use this larger one in another room later. I also ordered the overmantle/mirror it had before, but I think I like the one I got when I ordered the larger ornate fireplace- it’s not as wider, a little taller, not as ornate and it’s made of metal instead of resin, and has an actual glass mirror instead of a mirrored plastic sheet. The wider more ornate resin overmantle would probably go better with this fireplace.
The wainscot is not attached to the wall yet and I need to make more, and the trim for the rear door is not painted yet

A couple of alternate layouts tried;