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Update on the Georgian room

Just about done with the Georgian room box, the interior only needs a couple of small fill in pieces by the fireplace and a little touchup on the white where floor stain got on it a bit.
Exterior needs to be clear finished and the chandelier needs it’s transformer and wire, and the carpet needs to be ironed flat, other than that it’s pretty much done, I do plan to put things on the tables and desk as well as books in the book case
The flash was used in one of the photos, the special very low reflective glass can hardly be seen even WITH the flash right on it. The glass was very expensive @ $64 with the shipping, for some reason they sent two pieces.
But the glass really “makes” is so the inside is protected and kept dust-free, while allowing a nearly invisible view through it.

Fireplace and overmantle

The fireplace and overmantle for my Georgian study room, finally arrived from the UK to-day.
I havent decided yet if I will use this overmantle which is the same one I had in the fire destroyed room, or the taller metal one I have which has a real piece of glass mirror in it. It’s a planer design than the one I had used, but it might go better style wise with the caryatid fireplace.
I gave the fireplace I had before the fire- some gold accents and trimmed out part of the opening, I’ll be doing that on the new one.
The one thing I didn’t like about the smaller overmantle I had was it came with a thin plastic “mirror” and reflections in the mirror looked distorted, the taller metal one from Sue Cook, while being plainer and taller has a real glass mirror embedded in it.
I think the taller, metal, plainer one fits the style of the fireplace better too
The metal overmantle, plainer but having a real glass mirror embedded

Furniture arrival

The bookcase and desk chair came to-day, so testing placement… unless I put the bookcase where the 2 green chairs are instead, it looks a bit “crowded” because the fireplace is wider and deeper than the one I originally had. I did order one of those a few days ago from the UK, it may be a few weeks, but I think I will use that fireplace instead and use this larger one in another room later. I also ordered the overmantle/mirror it had before, but I think I like the one I got when I ordered the larger ornate fireplace- it’s not as wider, a little taller, not as ornate and it’s made of metal instead of resin, and has an actual glass mirror instead of a mirrored plastic sheet. The wider more ornate resin overmantle would probably go better with this fireplace.
The wainscot is not attached to the wall yet and I need to make more, and the trim for the rear door is not painted yet

A couple of alternate layouts tried;


Sadly, the room was 99% finished and even had the glass and frame installed on the front, when a fire in June 2021 at my workplace where I kept it while working on it totally destroyed all 4 buildings and all the contents, including the room.

Now 7-1/2 months later I am working on re-creating it as exact as I can, but with a couple of slight modifications- the 3 chairs made by Bespaq are no longer available- they closed the business, the floo will be cherry instead of alternating walnut and mohogany, the contrast I like all but vanished when the floor was stained.  The cornice which was plaster was a real pain in the ass, I’m going to make the cornice from wood moldings which will be much better and the joints a lot easier to hide.

Other than that pretty much everything else will be the same.

Some construction happening now on the replacement;

I started the roombox walls, all of the plywood pieces are cut, and the side and rear wall which get doors are now routed out for the doors and they are primed.
The doors and the knobs both came to-day from David’s dollhouse. One of the door frames had come apart, almost like Houseworks forgot to put glue on on side and the bottom,but I glued them back together.
These doors will not be openable. I could attach the left and rear walls to the floor after the primer is dry and sanded, and I could paper them but I forgot the walpaper paste I had was in my workbench at work not here as I thought, so it was lost in the fire and I have to replace the paste now before I can paper.
Once those 2 walls are papered the 2 doors and surrounds can be installed. I have to wait for the fireplace before I can cut and install the angled wall, but I could prime and install the right wall before then.
I glued the 3 walls to the floor, primed the inside for the wallpaper, and I cut up some basswood to 4mm thickness to make the wainscot sections with. Happily I took photos of everything , and even laid one of the 3 section wainscot next to a ruler- that one photo enabled me to accurately scale off it to get the measurements of it’s components.
Gluing up the first wall to the floor, using a framing square clamped in place to ensure the wall was straight. I use glue and thin air nail pins.


I took a foot of 3/4″ thick basswood board, cut it in half on edge on the table saw to get two pieces about 1/4″ thick each, and planned them down to 4mm thickness. They will be cut into strips 8, 11 and 19mm wide. I’ll need to make more for the wainscot panels etc but this is enough to get started. I can start making the wainscot sections any time now.


Ceiling progress (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

My Georgian study room is progressing towards getting the ceiling finished, I ordered some embossed paper and some 1/8″ quarter round wood strips to finish the ceiling. I have a round ceiling medallion ready to paint, and install after the paper is in, along with the chandelier which will need it’s wiring routed into the ceiling before the paper goes on.

I need to route a path diagonally to the angled wall where there is an open cavity behind it the wires can go down to the bottom and out through.

The quarter round molding will trim all around the inside top edges of the wood beams.

Once I get the ceiling done I can attach the ceiling to the box permanently and then the outside can be trimmed, stained and finished then.

Doing some more on this room (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Now that the wainscoting is finished, it’s time to look at the ceiling, so I am experimenting with some wood beams to see how this layout might work, 3 pieces more added would finish that. I used a piece of a 100 year old likely spruce board I had to cut the strips.

Most likely a textured paper with the beams over it



More progress (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

I did some more work on my roombox, the fireplace and overmantle are now installed, the bricks mortared, and the wainscot and filling- on the left side of the fireplace are installed but not visible behind the desk, a similar fill piece is dry fitted on the right side of the fireplace and the wainscot on that side of the room needs to be painted and glued in yet.
I drilled 2 tiny holes into the wall behind the overmantle so I could push a couple of 1/2″ long brass escutcheon pins thru the frame to mechanically hold it to the wall at the top, a dab of PVC-E glue on it’s “feet” secure it to the top of the mantle.
I will be looking for more pieces of furniture and chairs, and a small rug. The ceiling has not yet been decided on.
The pictures were just taped up for the photo and are not permanent just yet.