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Fireplace and overmantle (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Pretty much done painting the fireplace, and overmantle, (not shown) with that done they are almost ready to install in my room.
I decided to paint the fireplace gloss white to match the doors and trim, and gave it some touches of gold highlights. Waiting for the flat black paint to come to finish the inner part that just has grey primer.

The fireplace took forever to get it- over SIX weeks, unbelievable how they don’t just cast a few to have on hand to ship out, I mean they are plaster, probably 50 cents worth so it’s not going to break the bank having¬† a dozen on hand. If they took $200 worth¬† of sterling silver to make, yeah, I can see it getting pricy to have any on hand, but these are all of 50 cents worth of material.

Ceiling cornce (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Now that some of the parts I ordered from the UK arrived, I have the ceiling cornice all installed. The fireplace overmantle is one of two I ordered from two different people in the UK to see which I like better and which works better with the elaborate fireplace I’m waiting on, for now I just have this overmantle resting on top of the to-be-replaced fireplace which is too small.
The “marble” hearth floor fits perfectly over where I had the brick one- the new fireplace is wider than this old one so the hearth floor had to be replaced and I got one sized for the new fireplace.

The new fireplace is about an inch or so wider and that much taller.

The overmantle is only primed, I haven’t decided yet on the paint for it and the fireplace, both are white plaster and the fireplace will need to be primed first. I also am waiting for the fireplace to get here before I can finish the wainscotting.

More progress (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

I did a little bit of work on the wainscotting and moldings, and have 3 sections glued in now, waiting for the fireplace and some other parts to come in the mail before I can do much more.

Flooring done and stained (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

I finally finished the wood floor, sanded and stained it, not the best photo to show the colors as the light in the scene is fluorescent and a nearby LED and it does something odd creating a yellowish blotchiness that isnt there, where there is some shine from the fresh stain.

The fireplace and maybe the brick it stands on will be changed out for a considerably larger, more ornate one soon, I have to order it from England and wait for that.
There will also be a small carpet, I’m hoping for a multi colored oriental style carpet but without the fringes they usually have, something like the one shown but I’ll have to look around.

Flooring (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

One more row of flooring to lay in, and then the spots along the two walls to fill in. One long and one short section of wainscotting are painted but they won’t be permanently installed until the floor is completely finished.
The flooring is a bit of a challenge, as my little mitre box is not as accurate in it’s cuts as I anticipated it would be, the aluminum channels’ 45 degree slots wear open wider with use creating a little sloppyness in cuts, and that small amount is enough to throw accuracy off, so I’ve had to compensate a little to get the leading edges of each section straight across with a sanding block, but doing that slightly changes angles and the next row winds up with slight fitment variations that need further compensation to fix.

I also should have done the floor by itself first and then cut the finished square to a size that evens up everything left to right so there would be no need for half width pieces etc to fill in. So far though it’s pretty accurate and no big issues, but it would have been easier doing the floor alone first, as well as have more open room to work on it free of confines of the walls.
I also would have had an easier time with the wainscotting had I routed the walls where it goes just 1/16″ to inset it slightly below the door frames.

Moldings arrived (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

The moldings I ordered from Northern scale lumber arrived in the mail- the wainscotting cap molding and the tiny quarter-round molding, so now I have what I need there to complete the room.

Wainscotting continued (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Most of the wainscotting is made except for adding the cap molding and the quarter-round molding, these two corner sections are primed and fitted but not glued in yet, two other sections have to wait until I get the fireplace and fit that in and decide how to trip the small bit of wall it will leave to the corners.

Next step after the wainscotting pieces are made, primed and painted is to finish the flooring so I can sand, stain and finish that.

I have mixed feeling about the doorknobs and plates, the knobs sparkle too much and the gold is too bright, it begs the question of either painting the door plates, or giving some gold accents to the door headers and brackets to complement the door plates.