Wainscot (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

The first section of some 3″ high basic raised panel wainscotting is taped up to the wall to see how it looks, it doesnt have the top or bottom molding yet.
It will be painted white like the doors.
It is made from pieces of basswood.


The fireplace is going to be changed out

Wainscott panels (OLD room, now lost in a fire)

Working on a section of wainscoting, it would likely get some of that quarter round molding or cove molding around the inside of each panal opening but I need to order some moldings. Alternatively I might make the raised panel just  fill each opening completely.

Architectural elements

I know I will be modelling and casting 1:12 scale elements after my own very large Victorian and Art Deco architectural sculptures, so  I will be covering that in this blog over time too. My large scale work does not “rescale” very easily, but I am exploring ideas on the technical side of finding the easiest method- I can’t imagine the 1:12 scale detailed  commercially made original models used for  resin casts of fireplaces, moldings and window surrounds, brick walls etc we see out there were made by hand using a “microscope” and pin with clay, wax, or wood and getting them so perfectly square, even and parallel, I suspect a lot were done in software and a 3d printer or laser of some kind were involved in the process.


I look at these perfect looking little resin casts of brick walls for HO scale trains and the like, and I can’t imagine someone working that fine by hand to generate an original master model, that had to have been done with some kind of mechanical/machine aid, I just don’t know if 3d printers are capable of making detail this small.


My miniature scale roombox blog

I decided to start this blog for my work now that I am a member of the  IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artists) and plan to “convert” my full scale Victorian and Art Deco era architectural sculptures into 1:12th scale for sale.

My current roombox project is this Georgian inspired study with fireplace, a work in progress.