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Fireplace and overmantle

The fireplace and overmantle for my Georgian study room, finally arrived from the UK to-day.
I havent decided yet if I will use this overmantle which is the same one I had in the fire destroyed room, or the taller metal one I have which has a real piece of glass mirror in it. It’s a planer design than the one I had used, but it might go better style wise with the caryatid fireplace.
I gave the fireplace I had before the fire- some gold accents and trimmed out part of the opening, I’ll be doing that on the new one.
The one thing I didn’t like about the smaller overmantle I had was it came with a thin plastic “mirror” and reflections in the mirror looked distorted, the taller metal one from Sue Cook, while being plainer and taller has a real glass mirror embedded in it.
I think the taller, metal, plainer one fits the style of the fireplace better too
The metal overmantle, plainer but having a real glass mirror embedded