Lioness roundel

Now that the education panel model is a little past the leather hard stage I have it set aside to finish drying. It may yet wind up a little larger than I scaled for due to differences in clay shrinkage. … Continue reading

Lioness roundel

Think I figured out who made the lioness roundel, very likely American Terra Cotta co in Chicago, whose territory certainly would have included St Louis Mo. I found in my book on the co history, a page from their old … Continue reading


Below is a photo of a concrete cast of lion 3886, unstained. This is 1 of 7 for a client who required embedded bolts on these to attach them to the wall on the exterior of his house over the … Continue reading

Art Deco 8B in resin

I finished casting the last of 12 panels in resin for a client who wants them for her bathroom. Attached a photo of 8 of them stacked against the wall awaiting cleaning up and finishing, several together offer some interesting … Continue reading

Lioness roundel

I saw a photo of a very charming, very interesting sculpture on what was originally the offices of US Steel Co., 311 South Sarah st, St Louis. In fact, on this small one story building there are 7 of them! … Continue reading

Art Deco

While waiting for the new model to firm up a bit more as the moisture evaporates from the clay slowly to finish detailing, refining and cleaning up the design, a client contacted me about my Art Deco panel 8B and … Continue reading