• Monogram

    I have the model finished, except for the final cleanup, straightening and sharpening edges etc.

    There really isn’t a way to have the letters go under and over each other like this without “bending” to do it, or else make the letters extremely deep or “stepped” rather than bending, but they are already about 1/2″ high.

    I had initially thought it might work but raising one letter much higher to make it flatter and then to go over another lower letter next to it without “bending” down to do it doesn’t work, so as it dries and firms up a bit more this weekend I’ll be tidying up the surfaces and edges and getting them smoother in the bending curves as well.

    It was an interesting conversion from 2D to 3D and presents some interesting problems in 3D form you don’t have in the 2D form.