Terracotta cherub

The first hand-pressed terracotta cherub, made exactly the same way they made the architectural pieces for building facades in the 1890s has been removed from the mold. The experiment on this is a success, although I need to change a couple … Continue reading


Here’s the first terracotta cast fired in my kiln, next to one of the cast-stone casts for size references, it’s clear the clay shrinks dramatically resulting in about a 1″ size loss.   … Continue reading

Since I had about a quart of Rebound 25 mold rubber left over I decided to use it to make another rubber positive in a small mold, so after brushing on some of the release on another old Polytek mold … Continue reading

Wolf roundel

Now that the Roman Ruins panel is essentially finished and needs to dry out slowly, I am ready to cast the wolf roundel st for a client in Brooklyn, NY who  plans to install it in the brick wall of … Continue reading


In this video I show the new wolf head mold and how it works,  but I also show a soon to be discarded mold of the other material I used to use and anyone can see how easily it tears … Continue reading

Roman Ruins progress

I haven’t worked on this much this last week as I’m on vacation from work, and I also spent a couple or three days repointing the brickwork on my gallery building, but it’s making progress. The puttis’ hands were not … Continue reading