Lion pressed

The kiln reached final temperature just 11 minutes sooner than I estimated, I’ll open it up in the morning and see what I have. Meanwhile, after finishing another plaster piece mold of a design I used to cast about 30 … Continue reading


I was able to get the formula/factor to calculate the double clay shrinkage, so that issue is solved now. I also have 1,000# of clay coming tomorrow so I can start work on the next model. Meanwhile, I decided to … Continue reading

Clay shrinkage

I’m going to have to figure out what the clay shrinkage actually is and allow for TWO shrinkings to wind up with the size I want to do pressed clay versions of my work. I found the little cherub plaque … Continue reading

Lion blocks

I removed the four lion blocks from the kiln, all four turned out perfectly on the new kiln schedule, but the cherub plaque still had his face blown off. Here’s a photo of two lions on my bookshelf as bookends. … Continue reading


The kiln shut off just about the time I figured on after 24 hours and 20 minutes. I watched it just hit 2061 degrees and then it went to the 10 minute hold. I was able to calculate the temp … Continue reading

Kiln schedule

Here’s what I programmed in the kiln controller for another round of torture tests, and yes, it’s a form of torture to open a kiln lid, look inside and see your work ruined: Segment / Temp rise per hour/ Temp … Continue reading

Lion blocks

I fired four of the little hand pressed lions blocks, a cherub plaque and the single section Art Deco in the kiln, and amazingly when I opened the lid, four little shattered lion faces stared up accusingly at me from … Continue reading

Odd dream

I had a really odd dream this morning, what I remember is discovering my office type desk chair rolled very easily on the street in NYC and at first I was with someone else messing around with rolling on our … Continue reading