More progress

Ok now I have all the molding roughed in and a little general overall cleaning up, I decided to try “cross hatching” the texture in the background to see how it’s effects might look. I also replaced one of my … Continue reading

Art Deco rat

On the 1927 Greybar building near Grand Central Station on 42nd Street there’s a large canopy over the entrance, one interesting and odd decoration are the Art Deco styled rats climbing up the supports for the canopy; Besides the rats, … Continue reading


I took all of the pieces out of the kiln this morning, here’s a couple of the lion blocks nr. 1265 which turned out great; The other pieces had some wierd issue I have to find out the cause of, … Continue reading

Art Deco 8A

I have added a terracotta version of the single section Art Deco now. This is an exciting development of expanding into this new line of top quality durable kiln fired terracotta. Each hand pressed cast must be carefully dried over … Continue reading