129 Charles St NYC Thalman Stables horse head model

I finally decided to get the mold made of this model which I finished in Dec 2013! There hasn’t been any inquiries on it so it has sat around in the way ever since, you can say I got tired of walking around it and that pushed me a bit more to get the mold done so the model can be discarded and be out of my way! The unfired clay model was coated with shellac in the photo and ready for the mold making process that started to-day.

The Thalman Stables was built in 1897 as a horse stable and a residence upstairs, before 1939 the rooftop cornice was removed (or fell down) and later some really horrid modernizations were done to the ground floor, this has all been restored now!

Here’s a before and after photo, what an amazing transformation!

The original horse head keystone is still on the building and formed the basis of my model after it.