New acquisition: terracotta cornice lion, Boatman’s bank 1915 annex, St Louis MO

I purchased one of these cornice lions last week, it came from the 1915 annex of the Boatmans’ bank building, St Louis.

27″H 11″W 17″D, 130#

The building was originally 7 stories high, but in 1920 they added 4 more floors on after removing the roof and cornice, and then either replacing the original cornice or re-installing it all. There were 69 lions that were scaled for a 7 story building, and when it was 11 stories they looked someone “small” scaled.


Boatman’s bank annex ca 1915
Architect: Eames and Young (active 1885-1910s)


The terracotta and the lions were made by the Winkle terracotta Company, St Louis

Photo from 1883