I decided  some time ago to “phase out” concrete for several reasons, some include the fact the material is not stocked by any local outfits to me, which always meant having to drive to another town whose building supply/lumber yard … Continue reading

Site changes

I have been working behind the scenes on revamping my web sites and old page content, including removing the old forum and links to the gallery building which was sold several years ago. I’ve also been working on  a new … Continue reading


After some 17 years with Ebay, it’s become obvious over the last few years that the entire site has deteriorated considerably into an abyss of the same spammy cluttering garbage made worse by their changing the format from having to … Continue reading

Time lapse videos

I made 3 videos today, all time-lapse. Removing the mold; Cleaning up the architectural pressed clay terracotta grotesque sculpture; Pressing a terracotta architectural owl panel sculpture; … Continue reading