• A quest for my Scalcione family history

    The Scalcione  & Kelly Families

    Rocco Scalcione, faculty photo from the 1961 US Merchant Marine Academy, Long Island NY.


    As a 50+ year old  adoptee I searched for and found my roots in May 2017 after taking a DNA test with Ancestry.com

    As part of my continued research/search, I am still looking to find and  make contact with family members  who are decendants or relatives of any person on the paternal side of my ancestry tree, most were Italian and from Great Neck, Port Washington/ Long Island/ Nassau County for the most part.

    This includes others not  shown on this tree; Bobby Scalcione (California) Anthony Scalcione,  the Pietro Peter Annesi family,  Leslie Miller, Gentilella, Zazzarino, Denley, and the James Hicks/ Joanne Scalcione Hicks family, and Matt Armiento.

    On the maternal side I pretty much found my living relatives, but there could be some Irish decendants of Charles Smith, Sadie Wanser, Anna Denley,  or John F Kelly who was an award winning engineer for the Long Island Railroad.

    I’m not looking for money,  homes, cars, your fine china, estates,  inheritances or any such things and I wouldn’t have a problem signing a legal document to that effect, but my father Robert Scalcione of Allentown is obstructing my efforts probably with false information about me and my  motives in my  search for my biological family to prevent any contact with them. It became obvious that he never told his ex wife Barbara Powers, current wife Elizabeth Scalcione, or anyone in the family that I, or my mother  even exist, but exist we do and several family members now know we exist.

    Through Ancestry.com DNA results,  I found my biological parents, two brothers, and many cousins, father however from the get-go wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, and that became even more clear when,  after months of his having my contact info and my not hearing a word from him, I decided to send a personal certified mail letter  to him explaining how I found him,  a bit about me, why I contacted him, and stated by that letter in writing basically that  I wanted nothing from him, money, cars, homes whatever- just a friendship and to learn more about myself and family, some family history, maybe exchange some old photos and compare our lives. I  sent  it to his home in Allentown NJ by certified mail so I would know for sure he received it and not wonder if it was lost in the mail.   That brought about a  baffling, hostile, unwarranted fury of anger directed at my innocent mother of all people- not directly to me, in fact, he never once responded  to me directly but amazingly he ordered (!!!) my 77 year old mom to  tell me, (an adult min you)- to basically stop looking to contact anyone in “his” family!

    So I decided to “write him out” of my life, move on, and find other family members who may be interested in getting to know me, to share photos and stories with them etc, however, I have since then  learned through my mom (and others) that he has apparently been spreading false,  and misleading information about me, and my supposed “motives,” to family members- claiming I’m “obsessed” with “his” family and “stalking” them,  calling me a “nut” to my mom, claiming two cousins I contacted were emotionally “fragile” and that one who has MS is “mentally unstable,”  “emotionally vulnerable” and being “taken advantage of” by me!

    REALLY??  I’m supposedly now  “taking advantage” of this cousin??

    How did I manage to do that when I USPS priority mailed to her  at my expense my $35 published architectural book to enjoy for free so she could get to know me better?  I also took the time to post good scans of photos from military academy yearbooks I found on Ebay of  our grandfather Rocco Scalcione to her on her Facebook page, because I thought she had never seen them, and might enjoy having them since she was spoke so highly of, and was extremely fond of him-  I’ve never asked her for anything even once,  but gee…  I must be “taking advantage” of her, all I can say is- wow!

    Father’s  latest “stunt” was to contact my mom as he has often over the years, but  this time claimed he contacted a “friend” at Homeland Security to research me (OMG I’m scared now boy!!!) and that this “friend” supposedly  said  that “something is not right about him” and now father Robert is trying to use this kind of  scare tactic  as a  threat of sorts against me- issued via email thru my mom! He was claiming he is keeping some homeland security “dossier”  locked away in a safe- unless… I continue contacting “his” family members!

    News flash for father- “His” family is also MINE!, and I don’t roll over  in fear of his “iron fist,” I’m an adult and have the RIGHT to contact any adult I wish to, and because there’s absolutely nothing in MY background I’m afraid of, no adult arrests, no DUI, no drugs, I don’t even have any moving violations/suspensions on my driver’s license, so I called his bluff  as I have a leg to stand on,  and I stated on my Facebook page which I know he was reading, that I contacted an attorney about  a cease and desist letter that would be mailed to him  and his wife if I learn that I am being further  libelled, or other derogatory remarks and statements about me or my search continue to be told to family members or other people, and that apparently ended that, and he apologised to my mom,  (but not to ME, go figure!)

    This is how far off the deep end this man has gone, and the extent to keep ME, his biological SON he had when he was 17 with my 18 year old mom- a secret from his family! But I have had contact with at least a couple of family members, they have my book, we have spoke on the phone, and they know the truth and facts. They have asked me to not reveal anything about them as it seems father rules even grown adults in the family with an “Iron fist”, so their details will not be revealed to anyone.

    I don’t get it, I’ve done nothing TO this man, he even STILL maintains a regular friendship and correspondence with my MOM to this day *, all these years later! yet I’m some parriah here!

    *Mom decided to block his calls and contacts after all this, after admonishing him over several things and asking “how can a parent hurt their own children like this?”

    Scalcione family tree
    Scalcione family tree
    SCALCIONE – Anthony, of Cliffside Park, NJ, on Sunday, June 30, 2002. Beloved husband of Theresa (nee Parella). Devoted father of Susan Keenan of Ocean Grove, NJ. Loving grandfather of Patrick Anthony Keenan. Dear brother of the late Rocco Scalcione, and Rose Addeig. Anthony was a member of UFCW Union, Local 464A. A Funeral Prayer Service will be held at McCorry Brothers Funeral Home, 780 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, on Wednesday, July 3, 2002 at 11 AM. Cremation is private. Visiting hours on Tuesday, are from 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Family requests memorial donations be made in Anthony’s name, to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 238 Columbia Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010.

    Published in The Record/Herald News on July 2, 2002


    Part of my Ancestry DNA matches.

    Ancestry match

    This proves a 1st cousin relationship to a woman who is the daughter of my father’s late sister Joanne Scalcione Hicks.

    Valerie Annesi match on Ancestry


    And this proves my ancestry connection to the Annesi side of my father’s line-  decendants of Pietro Annesi in my tree showing as 3rd cousin Valeri and Chris Annesi 2nd or 3rd cousin.  Pietro is my father’s maternal grandfather.

    Ancestry matches

    Some additional matches to me in my DNA results.

    My Grandfather Rocco Scalcione, 1969 Merchants Marine Academy Yearbook
    Father Robert, from family photos (below)


    This is the book that family members would want to have, it’s only available directly through me unless a used copy happens to appear on Amazon’s books.


    The book has nothing to do with my adoption, though it’s briefly mentioned on one page, but it has many photos, and more of my life as an artist and collector of architectural artifacts. As the two family members could see for themselves, I’m successful in my own right, own my house with no mortgage, and owe no one anything, in short I’m not looking for money out of anyone.

    I can be reached through messages on my Ancestry.com page too, it displays my family tree to those who are logged in;


    NEW YORK (Office of the Governor) – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation allowing adoptees for the first time to receive a certified copy of their birth certificate when they turn 18-years-old. This measure (S3419/A5494) helps ensures that all adult New York adoptees will have the same unimpeded right to information about their birth and biological parents.

    “Where you came from informs who you are, and every New Yorker deserves access to the same birth records – it’s a basic human right,” Governor Cuomo said. “For too many years, adoptees have been wrongly denied access to this information and I am proud to sign this legislation into law and correct this inequity once and for all.”

    This legislation removes the right of government agencies to restrict the type of information made available to adopted persons and removes the previous barriers to receive information about biological parents to identify medical data that can prevent preventable diseases or untimely death. Under this new law, the adopted person’s lawful representative or their descendants will also be able to get access the birth certificate if the adoptee is deceased.

    “I am so proud to have been the Senate sponsor of the Clean Bill of Adoptee Rights and I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this historic piece of legislation, Senator Velmanette Montgomery said. “This has been long overdue. We owe our success to the advocacy of thousands of adult adoptees who have fought tirelessly on this issue for over 20 years. The level of support I received for this legislation from adult adoptees all across the state and the nation was astounding. It is important that they have the right to seek answers about their health, their family history and their heritage.”

    “The signing of this adoptee rights bill is a momentous step forward for adoptees across New York State. After many decades, adoptees will finally share in the same human and civil rights as other New Yorkers who are free to access their family histories and medical backgrounds,” Assemblyman David I. Weprin said. “I commend Governor Cuomo for signing this landmark bill ending discrimination against adoptees statewide and I thank Senator Velmanette Montgomery for carrying this bill the Senate.”