D10 Art Deco “Enlightenment” progress

I haven’t done much on this model in the last couple of weeks since I’ve been busy elsewhere on other things, but today I did some work on this and will continue working on it this afternoon.

I spent some time this morning refining the hand a bit, the face, and general overall cleaning up of surfaces, and re-drawing the incised lines to clarify and clean them up a bit.

The arm is accentualised and becomes a feature which draws the eye in first, it shows strength and power- both themes which were very popular in the 1930’s and you’ll see this in much of the architectural figural sculptures of that era. Some noted ones would be found on Rockefeller Center in NYC.

The lower left corner hints at buildings in a city, while not being defined or detailed in any way, the block and slab shapes easily convey to the viewer the impression of a city. One could refine and detail these crude shapes making them more realistic, but then it would not fit the overall well, and this feature would then tend to draw the viewer’s eye towards that lower corner. Doing that would convey a different initial imporession moving away from “power, strength” and going off into a different direction entirely.

What would that first impression be if this was done?

The overall view with the sun, clouds, and light rays all being very obvious features in the design, all handily bring out the “enlightenment” theme, but these features along with the arm which also follows the same diagonal lines as the sun’s rays also bring forth “strength, power.”

More “cleanup” will happen as the clay becomes firmer.

The top right corner I will be working on next.

Overall it’s turning out well.