• Happenings

    I finally got around to replacing the deteriorating D4 Art Deco panel mold with a new one, it really needed replacing.
    I also finished the new mold of the Nr715 St Vincent’s Hospital , Leon Lowensteinic clinic “Sun worshipper” panel, so casts of this model are now available for the first time.

  • Cunard building ship roundel

    I found the 22 story 1921 Cunard building 25 Broadway in NYC has a number of interesting nautical related keystones and carvings as well as ceilings since it was occupied by the Cunard ship owners. It’s interior is stunningly and it’s a designated landmark. The keystones and decorations include a figure blowing wind, snails and shells, but one thing that caught my eye was this roundel of a sailing ship, and it’s difficult to tell but the lower floors where this is located are carved stone, hard to imagine the detail on this being carved in stone which is why I think it may be terracotta with a matt granite glaze.

    Of curiosity is the object the figure is holding in his hands off the side of the ship, it sort of looked at first like an oar but it’s not that shape, it also resembles a rudder but it’s not in the right location for one, maybe someone who knows ships can identify what it is.

    A fellow on a sailing ship site says:

    Its a Medieval Merchant ship with a ‘Steer Oar/Board’ which gave its name to the side of the ship it was hung(Right). Hence ‘STARBOARD’ side in order not to damage it along side,it would tie up on the other side ,Hence ‘PORT’ side(Left)

    The three lions on the flag is the heraldic symbol of the Plantagenets in the United Kingdom.
    Fore and aft castles are depicted with a gothic style

  • Letter R endures 40 years

    I was very surprised when I did a google street view walk around Washington Sq Park in NYC and looking at the apartment building I lived in as a teen, amazingly not only could I see it, but the foot tall letter “R” I mortared onto the bricks outside our kitchen window around 1974 is still there 40 years later!
    I remember mixing the cement and troweling on with my arm snaked around the window which opened out, and forming the letter backwards to me and somewhat “blind” as I couldn’t reach far enough out to see what I was doing very well.
    This is pretty cool.