• Public School 168 gargoyle Nr 169

    At this time I am working on setting up this model for the mold as a client has purchased a cast.

    This model was made along with four others in Dec 2007 but at the time only one had been molded, the other three awaiting specific paid orders to make the molds for due to the costs involved.
    The photo shows the model being set up, the red/brown material is a non-hardening wax/oil based clay and this design needs four so called dividing shims so the rubber mold will be able to open around these undercuts. The tail curl has a hole through it, so in order to remove the mold from that a dividing wall has to be placed inside that hole so the mold can open like a coat around it. Same goes for the ears and the head/neck.

    Hard to believe this has been sitting stored away for 6-1/2 years, and that it also has not been damaged since it is very soft still raw unfired, but dry clay. He weighs around 90 pounds and I have had him on a dolly in the studio, out in the front parlor, back in the studio, off the dolly under the table, and then finally down in the basement where with great difficulty I wrestled it down the stairs (keeping in mind the fragility) and now I had to wrestle him back UP the stairs to do the mold. Once the rubber part is completed he has to go back downstairs- AGAIN! to build the plaster shell since that work is so messy.

  • Two new designs to become available

    A client tentatively wishes to purchase a couple of at present designs that do not have molds available for them, one is one of the four Public School gargoyles and the other is the sitting winged lion after those on 90 West Street- both models completed a few years ago but never molded due to lack of any serious interest in them.
    These two should be available very shortly.