• R.S. project: Nashville

    A client who purchased an Art deco era theater and adjacent former store building recently contacted me for sculptures to install on the former store building. The one story brick facade of the store building was in very poor condition, enough that the facade had to be removed due to a bulge in the brickwork, and then be re-mortared back in place.

    The building’ name panel was preserved but the terracotta shield above it was cracked and missing a corner of it. It was decided to replace the broken shield with an Athena keystone (the nearby street names have a Greek theme, and there is a replica parthenon in Nashville as well) Also to be added was the Webster Hall griffin panel shown below in acid stained concrete being prepared for crating to ship:



    Athena isĀ  pictured below:



  • Butterfly child 1152 progress

    Still very busy this week too trying to get other things done between the almost constant every other days rains and now the end of summer, the least of which is re-doing the brakes on my car which required several trips to NAPA and yet more to order a couple more parts, the other is finishing up a large mold for a concrete cast for the city pool building- they already started demolition on the old place and will start construction soon so my concrete cast has to be ready for installation.

    Last but not least is I switched over to a new computer system running Linux Mint and setting that all up.

    I did a bit of work on this today adding more flowers, a little work on the head and some on the lower right wing, I need to bring the head out more and angle it more downward too yet but it’s progress.