• Gallery building sold

    I sold the bildingĀ  and we close on the 28th, and here is a view winding down the last of what is left to vacate the building.


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  • Gallery building

    I decided to put my gallery building up for sale and bring the contents back home.

    After being open for 3 years I’ve found absolutely no interest, participation or much of anything from the residents of the city for the arts, history and culture the gallery/museum brought in.

    Even the city’s “betterment’ group which for years has been yammering on and on about desperately wanting to bring new businesses into the town were completely and utterly silent the whole 3 years the gallery has been here, not even one line about it on their web site, not one resident of the town ever called or emailed asking to visit or take a tour, I may as well have opened a frog pond, it would have probably generated interest or something!