“converting” 294 keystone to terracotta

filled the mold for this with water to see how much it takes, it too just about 2 gallons, so that gives me an idea how much rubber it would take to make a positive cast to turn this design into terra cotta too, it would fit in my kiln easily.
Interesting thing about this piece is, way back around 1978 I was looking for work and not having much luck finding anything, somehow or other I got the idea to look in the yellow pages and one thing led to another I called this place uptown called “Gargoyles” and I remember trying to see if they might take some casts on consignment or something.
One thing led to another and they had me come up to the showroom/factory with one of these, turned out the piece was too big for them to use, but while they couldn’t do anything along those lines they offered me a job instead!
Turned out one of the two plaster casters was leaving in one week- talk about luck!
I was there for about 5 years casting small statues and mirror frame piecs until I had to move out of the city completely.
Still keep in touch with the boss all these years later!
Odd thing was they were at 221 E 21st st in Manhattan, bought a building in Brooklyn about the time I had moved to Brooklyn, and their new address in Brooklyn was 221, 21st st! Meanwhile I moved from 621 Broadway in Manhattan to 621 Bergen St Brooklyn, same number, street name starts with a “B”