West side highway model progress

I did some more work on the West side highway model. It has plastic behind it and it’s covered with plastic when not being worked on so it keeps the moisture in as much as possible so it doesn’t dry too fast. Even with spritzing it with water and covering it with plastic the clay still dries out, just slower, so the working time window is somewhat short, but as the clay goes from really soft to firming up, various stages in the modelling process can be done.
Roughing out is done first, leaving more clay than needed so it’s mostly removing clay instead of adding on, and then as it get firmer and keeps it’s shape better, finer details can be applied.
I’m almost tempted to made the vertical “bars” in the parapet out of scraps of wood once the clay is dry instead of hand forming every one of them, but then the texture would be different, and the wood strips too square and perfect to match the modelled clay, so it would stand out in not a good way.
I could have made the horizontal pieces out of wood too, but the same issues apply there.

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