Education symbol model started

After getting the shipment of 1000# of clay today, I started this new model of a collegiate gothic styled education symbol panel after one on Public School 27 which was demolished in 1976. PS 27 was built in 1906 and was located next door, West of the Daily News building on East 42nd st, NYC. CBJ Snyder was the architect.

The school was originally slated to be demolished in 1929, when it was only 23 years old! but the stock market crash forced plans for the site to vanish into thin air.


The model features a heavy bold frame reminiscent of the heavy frames used on large old oil paintings. Designed in collegiate gothic style, it frames the familiar education symbol’s open book, laurel leaf wreath and torch used by Universities, schools, libraries and other institutions of learning.

The symbol is used by the Board of Education, City of New York, and

this particular design is inspired by one used on PS 27, and other public schools in New York City.

FInished size of the panel should be about 23″ x 26″ and will be available in interior cast stone and concrete.

Inquiries are invited.