More progress

Now that I’m mostly caught up on making and shipping casts people ordered the past 2-3 weeks, I am finally able to get back to working on this model again. I didn’t do much at all the last couple of … Continue reading

D9 progress

The second panel in this series is roughed out and a work in progress. This one is called “Endurance” and depicts the figure exerting pressure Atlas-like in an upwards movement, the effort of which is reinforced by the cracking, jagged … Continue reading

First cast

I have begin casting this panel now, this one is for a client who plans an Art Deco bedroom. The panel was cast today and will take a few days to dry out, then it will get the bright gold … Continue reading

D 8 mold started

Now I found some time to start the mold for this panel, hopefully I will finish it tomorrow, but I did get a late start on the first application of silicone mold rubber, and it takes about 6 applications total, … Continue reading