• More progress

    Now that I’m mostly caught up on making and shipping casts people ordered the past 2-3 weeks, I am finally able to get back to working on this model again.

    I didn’t do much at all the last couple of weeks as I had other things to get done, and even covered in plastic and spritzed periodically, it’s gotten a bit firmer than I wanted, but as long as I finish it this weekend and not let it go much longer- I can hollow the back out and let it rapidly dry out.

    It is called “Endurance” 17″ x 28,” modelled after an original ca. 1928 design by Rene P. Chambellain

    It’s not as “flat” a design as it appears to be in the straight-on view, here it is from the side;

    I have 5 concrete casts I need to stain for a client and crate then ship them this week, so I’m not sure if I will start the 3rd panel in this series next weekend or the following week, I’d rather not set up the form and clay and then have it sitting for 2 weeks before I get to it.