• First kiln firing

    The moment of truth was last night, after connecting up the vent I placed my angel model in the kiln on end, it had barely 1/2″ of space between it and the underside of the lid, so it just fit!

    I used the pre-programmed slow bisque setting and let it run.

    About 13 hours and 16 minutes later it reached cone 05 as set to, and shut off. I decided to go and check on it to make sure I had set it right and it worked properly, so I went over at about 5 AM and it had shut off about 40 minutes earlier and had cooled down to about 1685 degrees, so I shut the vent off and went to bed.

    It took about 10 hours to cool down to about 250 degrees, so I just propped open the lid and did some work for a bit and let it cool down to about 170 degrees before I took angel out.

    The model firing came out perfectly, not one crack or any warpage, she shrunk about a 1/2″ in length.

    The color came out like the sample on the left in this photo.

    The model after firing, the heat of the kiln’s 1900 degrees changes the color of the clay to a very attractive red-orange brick color.