Firing #2

Ok, firing #2 went fine, nothing cracked or exploded 🙂

There was one issue with the monogram panel however, I had it in the kiln on edge resting on 3 posts, but at some point during the firing it tipped forward and leaned one top corner against the brick, as it only had about an inch and a half space it didn’t tip very far, but apparantly it was enough to cause it to warp a little across the opposite corner which was not touching the brick. It’s not a real big deal but I wasn’t thrilled with the warp.

The photo compares the color of the same clay- angel was fired at cone 05 and the monogram at cone 1, that’s quite a dramatic difference! The red migrates a little more towards brown, a little browner than I expected, I might see what cone 02 would bring out- a little less orange 04 has, with more red and less brown cone 1 has.

The difference in temperatures between the two is 1945 for the angel and 2079 for the monogram, just 134 degrees difference there makes this dramatic a color difference.

The male keystone made from the raku clay came out fine, the lacquer on it all burned away leaving no residue of any kind anywhere, so it looks like that’s not a problem, I measured him as green at 20-3/8″ tall, and at cone 1 he shrink almost exactly one inch to 19-3/8. The color is sort of a pale cream, not very interesting but the goal was to just make it permanent so it’s no longer soft easy to damage greenware.