• The Wolff Gallery & updates

    This coming Saturday and Sunday the 29th and 30th of June will be the first time my physical gallery-museum building is open to the general public. It still needs more work done but progress is being made.

    I am officially on vacation to Monday July 9th.

    The winged lion and putti model I haven’t had time to work on  the last couple of days, and it needs to firm up a bit more anyway.

    I submitted materials and the fee to the National Sculpture Society so I can have my work displayed in their sculptor’s gallery on the NSS web site:  http://www.nationalsculpture.org

    Founded in 1893 in part by sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens, architect Stanford White and sculptor J.Q.A. Ward- those three names are among my very favorites.



  • Winged lion and putti panel

    I started the model this afternoon and after forming the flat slab, no tools have been used yet to this stage, just fingertips and fingernails.

    I have to wait on a couple of details which will likely be placed temporarily and then replaced when the model is alomst done- the lion’s horn and the putto’s arm, both of which extend out to full round and would dry out too quickly if done at this point.

    The lion’s outward legs are also full round but have a little more mass to them, they are attached but undercut deeply, they may be changed a little or just undercut more.

    The lion’s chest needs to be reduced a bit and his abdomen built up a little to make him look a little less long bodied.


  • Winged lion and Putti

    I pretty much all but decided to try a model of this ancient Roman fragment, and I’m leaning towards 17″ x 24″ or there abouts.