• Commodore Hotel Cornice Mask

    Now with about 140 pounds of clay pressed into the form and having used the template to form the concavity and the 2″ flat crown, I have the backer section moldings’ shape in the clay and ready to begin probably to-morrow on adding the mask portion to this.

  • Commodore Hotel Cornice Mask

    Now that I have the size determined that I want my model to be, I have my form ready to begin shaping the backer section first with it’s concave face.

    I decided 26″ wide, with the shrinkage of the clay the dry model will wind up around 24″ wide.

    The form will create the rectangular shape of the backing portion behind the mask, the mask will need to be completely modelled free-hand onto it similarly to the way the horse-head model was.

    A 1918 photo taken when the Commodore was under construction, that’s Grand Central Station on the left and this view was made before the elevated viaduct on Park Avenue in the foreground was added so motor vehicles could drive over 42nd street and around the terminal to the other side.
    The Pan Am building was later built behind the terminal and over the viaduct which allowed the vehicles to pass through two short S shaped tunnels to reach Park Avenue on the other side again.