• Butterfly girl panel

    This terracotta panel is in the Brooklyn Museum sculpture garden and dates to around 1885-1890, I had never seen a design quite like it, the building it came from was on 3rd Ave and 68th Street and had been demolished.

    I’m quite tempted to make a model after this because it’s so unique, I calculated it’s size is about 19″ tall and 22″ wide.
    Maybe after I do the Cable Building acanthus panel I’ll do this.

    It is a panel originally from the Mulcaster Building formerly at 1156-1162 Thirdrd Avenue at 68th Street, Manhattan, circa 1885

    This delightful image of a butterfly girl sipping nectar from blossoms through a straw was modelled in low relief with great delicacy. The highly naturalistic though improbably combination of human, insect, and plant life is conceived in the spirit of an Art Nouveau fantasy. This style of decoration, popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, displayed organically flowing, ofen highly stylized plant forms and found expression not only in architecture, but in design, illustration, and even dress.