New gallery sign

I made this new hanging sign for the gallery building entrance today using wood letters from
When I figured out after making one letter out of plywood- how much time I would have to spend dinking around with cutting out 15 letters, sanding them etc., and the fact these purchased on line were a little over $4 each, it was a no-brainer, I could have spent the better part of an afternoon printing out paper letters to carbon paper trace onto plywood, then scroll cut them all out and I’d never the nice shark clear edges and corners they do with a commercial CNC router.
It took me exactly one hour to put this together, fill the little micro pinner pin holes and call it completed.

The letters are both glued and micro pinned to the plywood backer while solid oak finishes the edges with an attractive raised border as well.

Once I decide on either paint or stain it will be installed over the door.
I was thinking of the dark forest green I used on the cornice- for the background, and white for the face of the letters, but that was before I added the border framework which really needs a contrasting color.

I used the same fonts I used in my book- Goudy Old Style, but 3″ tall, it’s a nice style font that has an old classic look to it while still being easy to read.

Now it is installed over the doorway, I have plans to redo the entrance and replacing the single aluminum door with a pair of wood doors I already built, so this will come back down at some point this year or next year to re-do the doorway and under the display windows with something more appropriate to the 1910 style of the building.
In the end I decided to use the dark forest green for the background and sides of the letters, and a very shiny gold leaf paint for the letters’ faces and the face of the oak border, the photo is not very good and the sun was at a bad angle leaving a shadow in the doorway but the photo gives an idea what it looks like.

The dark green horizontal board in front is where some kind of projecting cornice once lived, it was removed back in the 70s when the entire facade was sheathed with ugly contemporary vertical redwood siding, I also have plans to re-install something appropriate there as well, for now the bare pine board has been painted to keep the weather away.