Pool sculpture

I have started on the pool sculpture today, this is a large model, several inches wider than others I have made.
There’s 160 pounds of clay in the box form and the initial roughed out concept for the design is just lightly incized on the surface to see how it might look.

Some possible changes might include enlarging the lettering though this will require the three words to be creatively staggered on a couple of lines to fit rather than horizontally across in one line as shown. They may also move down a little and the sun disk made a little smaller.

The lettering on the finished panel will be raised about 1/4″ high from the background, I just sketched in a few letters to test fit the elements.

I spent about two hours today getting it started and another half hour later.

The second photo shows a little more development, the water in the pool will either be lowered or the cement walk around it will be raised to give it a more three dimentional illusion. The horizontal line under “LAKE C” is just a guide-line that will go away.
I might very well move the pool and cement walkway down a little further.