• “Break glass” Fire alarm box HAMMER for ADT, Faraday, Automatic, Gamewell &tc.

    NEW: hand made, solid steel fire alarm box HAMMER

    Those who collect both “local” and municipal fire alarm boxes such as the older Gamewell models which used a small piece of glass covering the activator lever, hook, or key will usually lack the little steel or cast-iron hammers most of the boxes had originally.

    This includes Faraday, ADT, Edwards and a number of other makes.

    Back in the 70s and 80s when I had a collection of of over 100 local fire alarm boxes salvaged from numerous buildings in NYC, a few of them still had their “break glass” hammers attached with a chain. These hammers were often stolen or just missing from boxes in service.
    Of the several styles of hammers there were I have two that I like the best, one is steel, and the other is solid brass and a little smaller, I decided to offer hand-made replicas of the larger hammer, made after the original.

    This is made from two pieces of solid steel rod,  the handle hole is drilled on a Bridgeport milling machine and the handle is pressed in tight with an interference fit, no ugly welds, brazing or crappy epoxy stuff used.

    The hammer is patterned after the antique original, and it has a hole drilled to accept a chain of your choice (available at any hardware store) Most of the chains were sash chain, some used other styles but the sash chain was very common and it’s easy to find today in any length you desire in both steel and brass.

    The hammer is nominally 4-1/2″ long like the original and it is primed and ready for you to paint in your choice of appropriate paint for your project.

    The hammer is just shown hanging by a Gamewell and a local fire alarm box that would or could use this item, no box is included of course.

    The hammer hanging on a hook and chain by your fire alarm box display would be a perfect finishing touch that adds an authentic look.
    Currently one is available, I will make a few more to have on hand,  but for the most part they will be a made-to-order item if you wanted more than one, or I run out.

    These are $19.95 each and $5.95 for flat rate box postage USPS