294 keystone terracotta

A little more cleanup on her and she can sit around air drying for the next 4 weeks before firing in the kiln

Aug 13th

Getting ready to fire my Nr 294 keystone, she weighs 30# dry and has been drying for almost 3 weeks since I pressed her, so I’m going to wait until Friday to turn the kiln on, meanwhile I have her set up in the kiln ready to go.
I can only fit one piece this size in my kiln, another dry panel I have ready to fire won’t fit in with this too.
I have my full shelf on the floor raised off the floor with the 1″ posts, and the sculpture is raised up further on 3 large posts laid horizontally to let the heat/air circulate and to raise the sculpture up a bit higher off the “cooler” bottom of the kiln.
The 3 large posts are set under the 2 side walls and the center of the sculpture which has a web in the center of the upper compartment, so this will give support to these areas to avoid any sagging.

I’d prefer firing this laid on her back as per the first photo, but the kiln is not large enough.
I decided to see if I could get a cone high enough to view through the peephole, and there is one on top of one of the large posts at the bottom, which is actually the top of the sculpture so I can see if that part gets the full heat.
This Continental clay course red with grog and sand will get fired to ^1 which is almost about the edge of where the red starts to turn towards brown.

We’ll see how this turns out next weekend.

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