Lion block expanding

The expandable mold rubber is still expanding, now about 6-3/8″ from 4-3/4″ and still going. Hopefully it will level and even out soon once it’s fully saturated all the way to it’s center. I figured it’s 160% expansion

Aug 4th

The little expanding rubber lion looks like he has expanded about as much as it’s going to, some distortion evident on the sides but fairly easy to fix along with a few defects, so I’ making a quick and dirty plaster mold of it to press clay into and I’ll use that clay pressing as a model to work on, square up, refine and get a mold off that while it’s still moist and hasn’t shrunk.

Aug 5th

I pressed some white clay in the little lion mold, probably in a couple or 3 hours I can take it out and see what I can do to it.

I was able to pull the clay pressing out after only an hour, I set it aside under plastic wrap to work on to-morrow and square him up too. I want to get that done quickly so it doesn’t shrink any and I can get a rubber mold off it while the clay is still full sized and moist since the final mold of it will be used to press clay in and when thay dries and shrinks and is fired I want to end up with about 6″x6″ and right now this model is 6-3/4″ x about 6-3/4″

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