• 90 Ridge St Nr 247 square lion

    The first pressed terracotta of this lion came out of the kiln perfect, it wound up the same size as the originals it’s based on that came from a tenement at 90 Ridge St NYC 6″ square.

    These would make very nice bookends.

  • Pressed cherub 295 firing

    I decided to see what would fit in the kiln and as long as these were ready to go, I turned it on. I was able to fit one of the cherubs and the little square lion on the bottom, and one cherub on the upper shelf. the one on the shelf is for a client- it had to be trimmed down an inch on the back to reduce the depth to fit in the client’s 3-1/2″ deep cavity left by removing bricks in the wall. The one on the bottom is the first one and I typically keep the first ones, so it’s full depth, same with lion which is also #1. The client’s 2nd cherub still feels moist inside so it’s not ready yet.
    So now these are in for 12 hours of 190º drying before the firing.

    Sept 25
    I cracked open the kiln lid to look real quick, it’s still 340º but the client’s cherub came out perfect!
  • 285 grotesque model

    I got busy with someone, but I managed to get this mostly set up for to-morrow to finish and then make the plaster mold for it.

    3 insert pieces for the face done, and one more section left to go.

    Sept 16

    I finally got around to pressing the first piece in a new mold finished a week ago, after a little cleaning up of surface defects he looks pretty good!

  • Commodore Hotel copper cornice mask

    I set up my clay model for the mold and the mold rubber along with the plaster and clay I ordered have arrived so I’m all set to do this mold and the plaster mold for the cherub, and set up the grotesque 285 to do it’s plaster mold too. Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll have this new design actually available, and 2 new molds for pressing clay into.

    Cast #1 and 2 are out, now to let #2 dry out so it can be finished for the client. It took 5 gallons to fill the mold.

    Sept 15
    The client’s cast is finished now in the green copper finish.
  • West Side Highway model almost finished

    I had to do a little artistic license modification on account of a couple of “layers” in the wings design not quite being far enough out from the backing, so I wound up extending one of the flat ring “gears” up a little further than the original design had.
    I also need to overlay another thin run of alternated wing design over the large one as it has that on the original and on what would be a bird’s tail feathers which were represented next to the vertical gears the ribbon winds around. A lot of fine detail yet to finish, some will have to be omitted because it’s just TOO fine and small to do in this smaller scale and with this pretty course clay.
    I think I’ll go back to the smoother raku clay for models in the future, it seemed to work a lot better for this.

  • 295 cherub model

    I started the setup for the cherub to get the original 4″ depth back again.

    The new rubber positive has been laid on 4″ thick foam board and the clay built up aound the perimeter. I have it roughed out for now, to-morrow I’ll finish texturing and cleaning up the clay part and I can start pouring the 4 side sections to start with then. There’s virtually no undercuts on the design at all, so the face/front can be done in one large plaster mold section, 5 sections total.

    Sept 7

    One more section to pour left to go on this- the large “base” that can be done in one piece since there are no undercuts to deal with, and the 4 side sections will all sit on top of the “base” section when I get that done later tonight.

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    Sept 8
    The mold is done, now to dry it out