• Pressed cherub 295 firing

    I decided to see what would fit in the kiln and as long as these were ready to go, I turned it on. I was able to fit one of the cherubs and the little square lion on the bottom, and one cherub on the upper shelf. the one on the shelf is for a client- it had to be trimmed down an inch on the back to reduce the depth to fit in the client’s 3-1/2″ deep cavity left by removing bricks in the wall. The one on the bottom is the first one and I typically keep the first ones, so it’s full depth, same with lion which is also #1. The client’s 2nd cherub still feels moist inside so it’s not ready yet.
    So now these are in for 12 hours of 190º drying before the firing.

    Sept 25
    I cracked open the kiln lid to look real quick, it’s still 340º but the client’s cherub came out perfect!