• Update

    After some 17 years with Ebay, it’s become obvious over the last few years that the entire site has deteriorated considerably into an abyss of the same spammy cluttering garbage made worse by their changing the format from having to pay for the listings and renewing them every 10 days, to making them free to list and perpetual listings until the item sells.

    As a result, peoples’ junkĀ  and garage sale finds sits up there now for weeks, months, even YEARS just stagnating and wasting space and gaming the search. Now if you just “browse” a category you might be looking at “page 1 of 8,923 pages” and if you search for something specific, you still get a plethora of crap and unrelated junk you have to wade through to find anything.

    I’ve pretty much decided to wind it down on there, deleting 50 out of the 55 listings I had up there, and now my focus will be on my own web site as the point of contact.

    We’ll see how that works out, but Ebay is basically dead, nothing moves on there any more.

  • Another 294 Girl keystone out of the kiln

    I have another of these keystones out of the kiln and she looks great! Unforttunately this keystone is just large enough I can’t really fit anything else in the kiln with it, so it winds up being the only sculpture in the firing cycle.

    Now I have about 3 of each terracotta design on hand in inventory, so clients won’t have to wait several weeks for one to be made.

    I have all the old wood shelving replaced with these nice metal rack shelving units I’m very happy with!