• Roombox continued

    I decided to stain the floor, door and wainscot to see how they look using Cabot Walnut stain, the mahogany floor looks very good in person, a bit red in the photos, but the color in person looks nice, as well as aged, the basswood doesn’t stain really evenly but gee, in the future there’s no reason I couldn’t make the wainscot out of mahogany, ditto for the stairs, the only issue would be the moldings, I’m not thrilled by the design of the Northern scale lumber’s baseboard profile I could come up with a much better one if I research what machine it could be cut on and have a custom cutter or router bit made for it (thinking of the possibility of selling them as well)

    I would think the baseboard, door case frames and crown molding would not be difficult, the tiny moldings such as the 1/8″ quarter round probably won’t look any different when stained whether they are basswood or mahogany.

    I need some more stair tread wood now I ran out, think I’ll make what I need since it’s just flat strips anyway.
    A couple of photos from today, one with the chair and table set in place to see how they look, I pencil marked the primed wall, down and around to give me some idea where the wainscot or similar will go, above that line will be wallpaper, under the stairs behind the table will be filled in with panelling. The window in the “dead space” can be seen through the doorway, it will need interior trim, it is primed and the visible part of that room will have a different treatment on the wall, likely wallpaper to the baseboard.
    I find that I’m not as happy with the Houseworks door as I was but it’ll do for this, I sanded down the too thick threshhold to about half it’s thickness and rounded the two edges. The door itself is only hinged with a couple of pins from the top and bottom, it’s hinge side was rounded out in an unrealistic way- done to allow the door to open without hitting the frame, I’d rather have real hinges and hardware, and squared edge.

    Also the face boards of the HouseWorks door frame are somewhat crude- two vertical grooves, but given the bulk of the market these are geared for – dollhouses, they are very nice little works of craftsmanship, but for something aimed towards higher quality they are on the crude side.

    These certainly could be given a much nicer, realistic profile with an appropriate cutter or router bit.

  • Roombox miniature

    I decided to make a miniature room, something I’ve wanted to do for many years but never got around to it, here is the progress thus far: