• Art Deco 8B panel

    I think I’ve all but decided I’m going to “remake” my Art Deco 8B panel with a new slightly larger model and issue it in hand-pressed fired terracotta¬† too.

    The 8B design which I’ve had for years is this one:


    It’s 16-1/2″ wide and if I “convert” this to terracotta using the existing design the shrinkage of the clay will make it wind up in my opinion on the “dinky” side around at around 14″ wide, so I’m thinking that if I make a new model around the original size of my Nortown D5 panel it will wind up around 19-3/4″ wide or whatever I come up with so it would also fit the brick cources of a standard brick wall without having to do fancy extra cutting of bricks to make it fit,¬† if someone wanted to install it in a brick wall.