• Art Deco D8 model started

    Here’s my clay model just started with the larger scaled design applied to the surface using a ruler, square and compass. The original nickel plated bronze artifact to the left being used to resize the model is from the Women’s House of Detention at 10 Greenwich Ave, NYC which was designed by Sloan and Robertson in 1931.
    The connected courthouse was the scene of the notorious Harry K Thaw murder trial of renowned architect Stanford White in 1906. I rescued several of the individual bronze pieces from the jail when it was being demolished in 1973, I was 13 at the time and even then recognized their importance.

    My clay model when it is completed and dry will need a rubber mold made of it and 3 plaster casts generated from the mold, a 4th cast will be needed to cut that narrow strip off of on the left side to use on the right side as this design will be laid out so it will have 3 repeats and a strip of that border on both sides like photo Nº3 below of my model 8B cast in plaster and given an antique nickel finish.
    The purpose behind making a new and larger sized model now despite having the 8B version for many years which has sold fairly well, is so that I can make this design available in a larger hand-pressed terracotta
    Were I to make a mold of the 8B the 10% shrinkage with the clay would make the end result unacceptably small and with less impact, it would wind up being almost a tile, so I decided a while back to remake the design to about 23-1/8″ x 15-1/4″ so that it will be the larger size I want, and to compensate for the shrinkage of both this model AND the pressed clay version so it’s final size will wind up being around 18-3/4″ x 12-3/4″, the reason I want that specific size as opposed to say, 19×12 or somesuch is to allow it to be as close as possible to a standard size so that should a client desire to install one in a brick wall it should fit almost perfectly without having to trim bricks or make special arrangements just to get it embedded. Photo Nº2  below shows a rendering of how that works.