Art Deco 8B panel

Now I have the size for the clay model calculated out to allow for the moist to dry shrinkage of the clay model (5%) plus the eventual 10% shrinkage involved with the hand-pressed clay version with it’s drying and kiln firing. Added to these two factors is an additional amount to make the resulting fired clay pressing close to the fired size of the Nortown D5 panel- 18-3/4″ x 12-3/4″

With that calculated out and plotted out on paper I have both my full scale reference print-out and the box-form required to start the model after a little more prep-work.

I’ll be making one section of the repeated design, making the mold of the one-section model, 3 plaster casts will need to be made from that and assembled into the rectangular panel shape, refined and touched up where the seems between them will be, and then another rubber mold is made from that which can cast interior cast-stone and, it will be used to make a rubber positive cast from to make a plaster piece-mold to use to make the hand-pressed clay sculptures.

It sounds complicated but in reality it’s simple, just a lot of intermediate steps. If I were to simply re-use the original sized design it would be much simpler, but then the resulting panel with the shrinkage would be considerably smaller, it would also be an odd size that if someone wanted to insert in a brick wall would demand special trimming and cutting of the bricks to make it fit.