• First 22-D keystone firing

    The first pressed 22D is dry, so she is stuck down at the bottom of the kiln where she fits nicely and also an inch away from the kiln walls. I decided the best position to fire these is flat on their backs rather than standing upright on their tops where the center webbing and the bottom could possibly sag downwards a bit from gravity when the clay gets soft from the heat. I can fit two of these in laid flat.
    So to do that I can use 5 of my nice tall posts to support the octagon shelf which in turn supports the 2nd sculpture. The 7 small posts laid flat on the shelf are there to raise the sculpture up off the shelf so heat and air can circulate inside it while at the same time supporting it well and evenly all around it’s back so it won’t likely warp.
    I was going to put the 2nd beaver panel in with the one 22D but they won’t fit together with 22D laid flat, so now I have to change gears and press another 22D but using the remaining red clay I have which should be JUST enough, and that will be about 3 weeks before that one is dry enough to fire. So it’s going to be about 3 weeks wait until I can do another load.

    All the posts and shelf, shelves since I have several half octagons as well- are called “kiln furniture” so a different meaning for an old word most people never knew!
    This kiln came with a nice selection of included furniture in the package- a variety of posts, shelves, and wired stilts used under glazed pieces.

  • Beaver panels done

    I took the two sculptures out of the kiln a little while ago, they look good. The beaver started out 22″ x 13-1/2″ and when the clay was bone dry he measured 20-7/8″ x 12-3/4″ and then after firing the final measurements are 19-1/2″ x 12-1/4″, so the shrinkage through the processes amounts to about 11% for this clay.
    He weighs 28#
    The white clay I won’t be using, I got some of that thinking it could be glazed, but having white clay and red clay in the same molds will cause cross-contamination with white bits getting on the red and vice-versa and that could be a lot of trouble trying to control. As it is, a slight bit of the residue of the white clay wound up in the beavers’ beard.
    I have another red one that can be fired next weekend.

    The 2nd 22D is pressed with red clay.