• New Kiln

    My Olympic kiln was delivered the other day,

    I was real impressed with everything about the shipment and kiln, it was well packed, and strapped securely to a new wood pallet.

    It came with everything one could need! opening the three cardboard boxes in the shipment, there was the vent kit with everything included- clamps, hoses, colelctor cup, extension legs, instructions, even a drill bit was included to drill holes with (though the kiln had them already predrilled for the vent system)

    The other boxes included the shelves, stilts and posts, an extra set of upper and lower elements, bag of element pins, kiln wash, kiln mortar, a box of sample large cones, set of three peep hole plugs, a pair of GB wire cutter/strippers, manual for the kiln, manual for the Bartlett controller, manual for the vent, a booklet about Orton cone, and an extra thermocoupler. I mention everything off the top of my head and think I got it all.